Harassment, Intimidation or Bullying

Harassment Intimidation or Bullying

No Bully

       The Board of Education is committed to providing a safe, positive, productive, and nurturing educational environment for all of its students. The Board encourages the promotion of positive interpersonal relations between members of the school community. Harassment, intimidation or bullying, including cyberbullying toward a student, whether by other students, staff, or third parties is strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated. The Board will not tolerate any gestures, comments, threats, or actions which cause or threaten to cause bodily harm or personal degradation. This policy applies to all school activities in the County, including school activities on and off of school property at any school-sponsored, school-approved or school-related activity or function, such as a field trip or athletic event where students are under the school’s control, or where an employee is engaged in school business in monitoring student activity. This policy shall also apply to students while on a school bus and at a school bus stop.